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Liaoning BeiHai Industries Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “BeiHai Group”) is a mining and powder processing enterprise which registered and operated in Haicheng city of Liaoning province. Its predecessor is Haicheng No.2 Talc Powder Factory, founded in 1979.

The subsidiary which managed by Haicheng No.2 Talc Powder Factory was reconstructed in 2004. It founded Liaoning BeiHai Industries Group Co., Ltd which is called “BeiHai Group” for short. Since then, the business of BeiHai Group has transferred from mining powder and deep processing of talc and calcite to the development of diversified group. Through series of industrial investment, it has pushed the group to develop as a mining group enterprise which integrates the mining, processing and flexible bag production of talc, calcite, magnesite, soapstone, silica and fluorite. At present, BeiHai Group has become an influential enterprise which takes minerals as core.

There are 6 strategic business units and 9 industrial enterprises with 2,380 employees under BeiHai Group with more than 600 million annual sales. BeiHai Group has become the top 10 taxpayer enterprises in Haicheng city of Liaoning province.

BeiHai Group makes positive response to the national strategy of thriving trade through science and technology and creates world leading powder processing enterprise. It has been maintaining a stable lead position in the worldwide powder industry by means of advanced technology, high quality resources, excellent products and solid strength.

The Group strives to develop outward oriented economy and entitled “national advanced export-oriented enterprise” by the Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China for several times.

The Group executes the developing strategy of “technical modernization, operation internationalization and humanized management” all-around, cultivates enterprise’s core competitiveness and realizes sustainable development by integrity operation concept and healthy enterprise culture. BeiHai Group will constantly go beyond itself and make contribution to the society by excellent performance from a new starting point in the future.